Acting Resources

Stuff you might need. You’re welcome.

Margie Haber Studio. I may be slightly biased because I love working here, but I believe this is the number one, top banana, best audition technique studio in Los Angeles.

The Artist’s Way. This interactive book helped me find my voice as a writer. If you’re feeling artistically blocked, it will help you knock down those walls and dig deep to a richer creative life.

Voicecaster. If you’re looking for voice over classes, these folks have been around since the 70’s and are highly respected in the industry.

Improv classes. Oh, there are so many good ones in town! Here are the top two for comedy improv: Groundlings and Second City. If you’re familiar with Viola Spolin (and you should be, because without her there is no improv), check out the classes taught by her granddaughter, Aretha Sills.

TED Talks. “Ideas worth spreading,” is their tagline. Search any topic you want and learn from experts in just 18 (or less) minutes. Then listen to your brain crack open.

Brené Brown. This funny and honest researcher became famous for her 2010 TED Talk on The Power of Vulnerability. Any artist interested in the human experience needs to watch her talk and read her books.

Clinical Psychologist. Sometimes you just need extra help. Asking for that help is a source of great power. Tell Anadel you’re a student of mine and she’ll give you the friend rate.

UCLA Clinic and/or Southern California Counseling Center It’s important that you get the help you need when you want it. So here are other options that work on a sliding scale.

Headspace. Being an artist in this industry comes with it’s challenges. If you’re looking to lower anxiety, increase focus and boost your creativity, this meditation app may be just the thing. (Plus, Andy Puddicombe has a delicious accent.)

Youth Mentoring Connection. If you’re looking for a way to give back, please consider this organization that is very close to my heart. I’ve been mentoring the same young girl since 2009 and it has changed both our lives.



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