What I Do

Get what you need so you can do what you love.

Audition Coaching:
Get out of your head and into the moment! Dig into the lives of the characters and the relationships that are important to them. Make it all feel real so you can have the focus and desire to truly live moment to moment in the audition.
Role Preparation:
Congratulations! You got the job. Now let’s make sure you create a fully realized human being with complex relationships and desires so you can be open, strong and flexible on set. We’ll comb through the whole script, dig for clues and make this person’s life real for you.
One-On-One Acting Coaching:
Do you find it hard to focus in a traditional class setting? Do you prefer laser-focused individualized attention? One on one coaching is for actors who want to work on their craft even when they’re between gigs and auditions. Sessions are tailored to the artist’s individual needs.
Interested in Margie Haber Studio classes? Of course you are – our studio is world-renowned and has been in business for over 30 years. (That’s the sound of me tooting our horn.) Check us out here.