A bit about me.

I consider myself a student of humanity. While I majored in psychology (and minored in theater) a million years ago, my fascination with human behavior didn’t stop with my B.A. (Notice that’s a Bachelor of Arts – even psychology is an art.) To this day, my curiosity and empathy helps me dig into the complexity of all humans, including characters in a script, which has served me well as both an actress and a coach for the past 25+ years.

Acting, psychology, coaching…my three passions eventually led me to a perfect fit as a teacher at a well known studio in Los Angeles. For a full decade, I taught the Advanced Class where I encouraged working actors to dig deep into character work and let their uniqueness shine through no matter what. 

Most recently, after studying for several years with Viola Spolin’s granddaughter, Aretha Sills, I was thrilled to be one of twelve students to complete her pilot class of teacher training in 2021. Spolin’s revolutionary work of Improvisation For The Theater (she is known, quite literally, as the “grandmother of improvisation”) changed American theater and the way acting is taught, bringing play, focus, and community to the forefront. There is no better way to truly experience the transformative power of trusting your intuition and bringing your full self to every experience. (Note: Spolin Improvisation is *not* the same as “comedy improv”.) Viola Spolin’s improvisation games seep into just about everything I do as a coach and a human being.

This playful presence is key for all artists. I carry this with me as a coach at all times, right next to my curiosity and empathy. Having coached numerous working actors for auditions and role preparation, I’ve heard story after story about curve balls in the audition room and on set. One thing you can always expect is that the unexpected will happen. Period. So in coaching sessions, in addition to digging deep to create an authentic character, we make sure you are creatively prepared, versatile, present, and nimble. These are the marks of a professional artist. (See testimonials here.)

My goal is to always create a safe, fun space so you can truly evolve as an artist. We explore together to recognize your strengths, identify your personal and creative blocks, and guide you to a more creative, authentic experience. (I’ve also been known to do an awkward happy dance when clients discover deeper layers to their craft.) Whether you’re in a coaching session, audition, callback, table read, on set, or onstage, it’s all playful collaboration to me. 

And a little bit of horn tooting…

Speaking of creative collaboration; I don’t take credit for these artists’ success. Anyone who has booked a job  after coaching with me and/or role prepped with me for a booking that was well received, did so because they worked hard, were emotionally open, and asked for my guidance in developing an authentic experience for their character.

So, no, I don’t take credit. But I do heartily applaud the actors who have booked! A few examples:

Leads/Series Regulars: Netflix’s Hollywood, Mindy Kaling’s Never Have I Ever, Apple TV’s Little Voices, Showtime’s The First Lady, Bruh, Long Slow Exhale, Legends Of Tomorrow, Netflix’s Wu Assassins, SyFy’s Z Nation, The Chronicles Of Jessica Wu, T@gged, Zac & Mia, The Kicks, The Inspectors (Emmy nominated lead), Untitled Jessica Gao Project, SyFy’s Megalodon, Don’t Look Back

Recurring/Supporting/Guest Stars:  The Great, House of Dragons, Flatbush Misdemeanors, Snowfall, King Richard, Dear White People, A.P. Bio, Upload, Bruh, The White Lotus, L.A.’s Finest, The Unicorn, How To Get Away With Murder, The Good Place, Silicon Valley, FBI, The Ranch, S.W.A.T., New Amsterdam, The Neighborhood, Proven Innocent, Lucifer, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans, The Outpost, The Boys In The Band, The Haves and The Have Nots, Quantico, Top Gun: Maverick, Patriot’s Day, Only The Brave, Goat, Assassination Nation, Doom Patrol, The Young And The Restless

Co-Stars:  Westworld, This Is Us, The Morning Show, The Affair, Speechless, Ray Donovan, The Boys In The Band, Shazam, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Fresh Off The Boat, Parks & Rec, Hawaii Five-O, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

[Insert awkward happy dance here.]