Cassandra Blair (Better Things, S.W.A.T. Westworld)

Working with Robin changed the game for me as an actor. I had plenty of training, but my audition technique needed a lot of work. She helped lay the foundation for all of my acting prep and performance moving forward. I started getting callbacks and bookings! With self-tapes being the new norm, I now make smart, creative adjustments to the life I’m living in order to give a full, more dynamic audition.

Robin is a fierce and passionate teacher and coach, and most importantly, she believes in her clients. Every time I work with Robin, her faith in me helps me to push myself through the moments of insecurity that we all face and focus on the work instead.

After working with Robin, I was finally able to walk into an audition room with confidence. She will always be my go-to acting coach and I’ll continue to recommend her to every actor I know. Robin will work with you, not for you (and not at you), and get you to where you want to go in the work!

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