Acting Classes


Imagine having a preparation process that not only deepens your abilities, but is actually fun. 

A process that gives you a variety of creative tools that you know work for you. 

A process that brings out your unique artistry and frees you up to fully play and explore for every single acting opportunity you get, from prep all the way through performance.

In these ongoing, monthly acting classes, you’ll get individualized coaching every week to help you discover the true depths of your talents. 

Our small, collaborative community makes it easy to take risks, play full out, and support each other on our creative journeys. Plus, we have a blast!

In every class, every month you will:

+     Work in every class. Because we learn by doing. 

+     Choose your own scenes. Because you should have agency over your creative journey! What stories interest you? How do you want to challenge yourself this week? (You can also request to be assigned a scene.)

+     Get highly individualized attention in every class. Because there is no “one process fits all”. So let’s explore a variety of methods to find what is delicious, fun, and effective for you.

+     Build creative tools and practice them so you can confidently pull what you need from that toolbox at anytime, anywhere (audition, table read, set, stage).

+     Have access to (and contribute to!) a community created Resource Drive with an ever-growing number of current scenes and scripts to pull from for our classes.  

+     Be on camera in every class and taped at least once in every four week session.

+     Learn how to get *very* specific and deepen your emotional accessibility.

+     Learn how to give yourself objective, not critical, feedback. (Yes, such a thing exists and it is bliss!)

+     Be a part of a collaborative community every month; a place where we celebrate each other’s journeys instead of competing to be “the best”.

+     Have fun! Because that’s why you started doing this whole acting thing, remember? 

Class Structure:

Week 1: 

We all do the same cold read. Through a playful, guided exploration, we’ll try different creative tools to build out your preparation process and see what sticks. These tools can then applied for the rest of the month along with any others you want to explore.

One take on camera with feedback.

Weeks 2 and 3:

Warm reads, so you prep on your own prior to class. You choose your own scene or request to be assigned a scene. With the option of choosing your own scene, you have agency over your creative journey by picking scenes that are specific to your type and challenging yourself in whatever way you choose.

Two takes on camera with feedback. Everyone gets individual coaching for a second take. Additional creative tools may be introduced. 

Week 4:

Industry/Callback Week. The class is run like an in person audition or an on set experience. You bring back one of the scenes you’ve done that month. No guidance or coaching; you’re on your own! Step up and play!

One recorded take on camera. Playback with feedback.

Upcoming Classes:

Mondays – 4 week session – Waitlist only.
April 3 – 24
10:30 – 1:30 PST
Class size is limited to 12 people.

Tuesdays – 4 week session – Open enrollment.
April 4 – 25
10:30 – 1:30
Class size is limited to 12 people.
Proof of vaccination required. 


$350 for four weeks


Lounge On Melrose
7551 Melrose Ave
LA, CA 90046

Future Classes:
Zoom Mondays:
May 8 – 29
June 5 – 26

In person Tuesdays:
May 9 – 30
June 6 – 27

Still have questions? I have answers! See the FAQ page. 

To inquire about enrollment and get on the mailing list, please email If you’re inquiring about in person classes, please include proof of vaccination. 

Have we met? If not, please include headshot, resume, and links to reels/clips in your email. Also, I’d love to know how you found me!