Emily Torres (“Fam”)

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.41.11 PM“I booked a pilot! And I believe that your classes are the reason I booked it.

The entire audition was “cold reads only.” All I had was the breakdown of the character and then I was given my scene 5 minutes before I auditioned. I went in with a confidence, excitement and the skills I learned working with you. After I read for the part of Rita, the director asked me to read for another part and again I only had about five minutes. I went in and read again, she gave me adjustments and we read again and I made the adjustments.

When I booked the job, I actually had the guts to ask what made me stand out. She said that I was excited to just jump in, that I wasn’t scared of the cold read and it didn’t paralyze me. Instead, she said I got more connected and made every adjustment without getting nervous.

So I wanted to thank you! Thank you Miss Robin! Working with you has really made me confident and even more excited about my craft! When I’m done filming you will see me again in class.”

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