Jessica Sirls (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal)

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.42.33 PMIn L.A., acting coaches are abundant; exceptional acting coaches are rare.  Robin is one of these rare finds.  She challenges you without berating you.  She praises your milestones without accepting you’ve peaked.  She provides a safe place while pushing you past your comfort zone.

She gives you a set of tools to digs deep into the emotional life of a character. She allows you to grow as a person and an actor.  This translates to a better experience in the audition room and a richer life.

I recently had an important meeting/audition with a top theatrical agency I wanted to impress.  My coaching session with Robin prepared me for that and led to me signing with the agency.  Woo hoo!  As I continue to grow and practice my craft, I will continue to go back to Robin.

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