One size does not fit all.

I believe in collaborating with an actor to create a personalized process with a set of creative tools that they can draw upon for every acting opportunity. I provide this individual attention to each actor even within the framework of a class. Let’s find what process is the most fun and effective for you!

Collaboration is key.

You know yourself well and bring tools that already work for you. As a trained coach, dedicated collaborator, and fellow player, I have experience and additional methods you may not have, and the objective eye you need. I help empower you to find your method, your process, your craft. 

You learn by doing.

Science tells us that the body learns through experience (not through hours of lecture). In our collaboration, you will always be doing. Rather than effortfully trying to deliver the “right” performance, you’ll learn how to lean into a full, fluid experience of your range and abilities.

Being creative is fun!

Auditioning is, essentially, your job. But if you’re focused solely on trying to get the job by doing whatever it is you think they want to see, you can lose sight of your process. I believe the process is not a means to an end, but rather an opportunity to explore playfully in preparation to collaborate with like-minded artists.   

Playing leads to booking.

When an artist plays full out, they are free, unencumbered, spontaneous, and confidently bring their full gifts to the character. If you have fun, we have fun, no matter the genre. This is that spark, that magic, that unnamable quality that makes people sit up and take notice.


As artists, sure, we all want the same thing from any performance: authentic, visceral experiences with our fellow players in the moment. How we get there, though, may differ. And that’s okay! 

Are you ready to explore, expand, and build your toolbox? Let’s play!