Shalini Bathina (Long Slow Exhale, Little Voice)

I’ve studied with numerous teachers and to this day, Robin has been the most impactful of them all. Her intelligence, coupled with her passion for the craft and for actors, makes her truly trustworthy. She absolutely loves her job! Robin caters to each person’s own individual journey. She understands how to guide you through the process of breaking down a script with mastery, creating a full life, finding specifics with relationships, the world, and the camera. She finds the truth in you and helps brings that to life on screen.
When we’ve had one on one conversations about life in general, she truly sees who you are as a person and nurtures your strengths with her warmth and authenticity. When she believes in you, you believe it. I’m truly grateful to work with such a wonderful person and will always look to her for guidance.  (IMDB page)

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