The Real History Of Improvisation: Part II

“It is highly possible that what is called talented behavior is simply a greater capacity for experiencing.” – Viola Spolin

It all began with Viola… So, as you know, Viola Spolin’s revolutionary approach to acting grew out of a combination of theatrical work and social work, using games to help release the actor into their full selves. So how did comedy improv emerge from those beginnings?
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The Real History of Improvisation: Part I

“Through spontaneity we are re-formed into ourselves.” –Viola Spolin

The word “improv” has become a shorthand to refer to comedy improv, but few people know that the inventor of improvisation was a woman named Viola Spolin. Funnily enough, her focus was not on comedy. Her technique was designed to release the full artist through the power of play, connecting them to their intuition and the people around them. Continue reading “The Real History of Improvisation: Part I”

Please Don’t Feed The Beast

A very fine actress recently told me that she looked up other actor’s self-tapes online after submitting her own. After noting that one particular gal’s performance was “trash,” she was shocked and devastated that this same gal was at the callback… and it almost threw her in the room.

What we pay attention to – what we feed ourselves – has a great impact on our creative and inner life. So are you doing what you can to take care of your artist? Or are you succumbing to the beast within? Which are you feeding? Let’s look: Continue reading “Please Don’t Feed The Beast”