“It’s not about what you produce. It’s about what happens to you.” – Viola Spolin


Viola Spolin Improvisation Workshop

Rediscover the power of play and being present. Through Viola Spolin’s revolutionary Improvisation Games, the artist’s full self is reawakened. No scripts, no camera, no pressure to be funny (no, this is *not* comedy improv). Just you, your intuition, and your fellow players. In short, everything you need to lean fearlessly into the unknown, including improvised scenes. In this introductory workshop, you’ll learn how to get out of your own way, bring all your senses into being, and be more present and playful, onstage/camera and off. (Well suited for new and returning players.) Every student plays multiple times in every 3-hour class. 

Live online classes via Zoom. Class size is limited.

Workshop length:   Six weeks, once a week.

Class length:   3 hours. 

Dates:    Saturdays.  Oct 16 – Nov 20 @ 10:30am PST

Price:   $300 paid via PayPal/Venmo. Payment plans available. 

Technology requirements  Broadband internet and the most recent version of Zoom. A laptop or desktop computer is strongly encouraged. Players who can only access Zoom through a mobile phone or iPad can enroll but the experience may be limited.

To sign up:   Please email for a payment link.


“This workshop is so unique and unlike any other acting class or workshop I’ve ever taken.  You really have the opportunity to explore and play!  There is no RIGHT or WRONG way, so much is open to personal interpretation, further allowing your artistic walls to break down and your creative mind to OPEN UP. This workshop helped me dive deeper into PLAY MODE and helped me get out of my head and stop over analyzing the creative process.” — Amanda Joy Erickson

“Robin created a unique, imaginative workshop where the actors get the ability to leave all inhibition at the door and let their creativity fly. Each individual actor’s unique energy is honored, and then we all came together to truly play, authentically. Improvisation with collaboration, imagination, and PURE PLAY. Highly recommend!” — Alyssa Spear

“A fun, engaging, creative connection to the body, spiritually and physically. The focus is on play and connection to your environment and your partner(s.) A unique way to discover more about one’s self.” — Devielle Johnson

“Robin approaches her classes with so much passion, and she gives each person permission to exist fully as they are. In teaching Spolin’s Improvisation, Robin’s own excitement for the work shines so brightly that it encourages the class to dive in fully and fosters an incredible sense of play, free from inhibitions or the need to do it “right.” Connecting with imagination and play as adults is such a gift to our craft as actors. This class truly is free of judgements… we become like a troop – all in this together – growing, exploring, expressing, playing, and learning to just be IS indeed enough.” — Juliana Sloan

“This workshop was pure creative joy! It allows you to free yourself of any excess chatter in your head that judges or censors your instincts. The workshop playfully pushed me to be fully in the moment which is the most blissful and exciting place to be. Like a 6-week meditation, but with more laughs!” — Holly Bodimeade

“This workshop was all sorts of fun! I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to work out their imagination and play with their inner child. It was so incredibly fun to play for 3 hours each week and Robin kept class so engaging with all sorts of different games. I had a blast and will definitely be back for the next round!” — Sam Hirschmann