What is your philosophy and approach to coaching and classes?

Glad you asked! Please see my philosophy page.


Are we going to work on the same dusty, old scenes from years ago?

Nope! I provide fresh, inclusive, curated scenes. Plus, the group can bring in whatever suits them (except actual auditions they want coaching on) so we can build a resource for everyone. 


Can I bring in material for an upcoming audition?

You won’t get the kind of coaching you deserve for a potential job in a classroom setting with 11 other people. Give yourself the gift of a 30 or 60 minute one-on-one coaching session instead. For more information on my private coaching services, please see the What I Do page.


Does every student have to do the same scene?

Not unless otherwise instructed for that particular week. You will have the opportunity to explore roles that play to your strengths, prepping you for any acting opportunity, from audition to being on set.

You can play to your type or against it; up to you!


 Is this class on camera?

All classes are on camera. At least one class a month we tape scenes and watch playback.


Are you going to dig into my personal stuff and make me reveal it to the group? 

Absolutely not. I create a safe, creative environment so you can really explore, take risks, and grow into the most confident, playful artist you can possibly be.


Are you going to just direct me and tell me how to do each scene? 

Nope. We’re going to expand your process and practice it so you can feel confident in experiencing a richly complex character whenever you perform.


How do I know these classes are right for me?

      • You’re feeling stuck in your craft/process 
      • You’re looking to get to that next level in your auditioning and performing
      • You want to free up your sense of play again
      • You’ve lost your sense of fun in your craft
      • You’re a proactive, professionally minded actor with prior training and experience in tv/film/stage
      • You want a quicker, more efficient, and fun prep process for auditioning 
      • You want to deepen your role prep for jobs you book
      • You want a supportive, creative community in which to explore and collaborate
      • You know you have to get more specific, but you don’t know how